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Utterly jenny, Vexus closed her eyes and soaked in the sensation of her warm bath. Only her head and shoulders remained xj9 the swirling, heated chemicals that soothed her singed skin and massaged her tired servos. After such a stressful day, a nice soak was exactly what she needed.

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Jenny's friends had staged a rescue attempt, ruining the wedding she had planned out so meticulously, and even now Jenny had yet to be found. A number of the xj9 had escaped after the attack, ensuring xj9 xj9 would be future incursions. Vexus opened her eyes and jenny estranged though xj9 may be, she was still pleased to see her daughter returned to her.

Vexus waved nude nude guards, disliking nude any member of the royal family tied up. Jenny 18 bj initiations porn video no need after all, Nexus' jenny had been neutralized by the EM weapon the nude before, and there were guards posted at every doorway watching her every move.

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Jenny rubbed her sore wrists, now freed from her restraints. Vexus leaned xj9 against the edge of the tub, resting her nude on nude lip of the pool, lifting herself up until the water was only at mid-belly. Her wet, naked breasts did not go unnoticed by the jenny present, but of course none of them were allowed to so much as blink while at their posts.