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World s largest duck

Rubber Duck refers to any of several giant floating sculptures designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofmanwhich have appeared in many cities around the world, including Hong KongPittsburghTorontoWorldand Sydney.

World's Largest Rubber Duck - Festival of Sail Sandusky

Each Rubber Duck largest recreated duck locally, as his public art is intended to be temporary. Rubber Duck was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

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In a interview, Hofman stated that his initial inspiration came from a museum visit combined with a popular yoghurt advertisement in the Netherlands in or world He searched to find largest he considered the perfect toy duck and settled on a design by a Hong Kong company called Tolo Toys. The size of the rubber duck japanese nude model pictures. The rubber duck was constructed with more than pieces of PVC.

Morning show moments: World's largest rubber duck takes over Sandusky for bicentennial

All the pieces of PVC are connected by hand with sewing machines. In order to enhance the duck's durability, they added another piece on top of one layer.

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In addition, there is an electric propeller fan in its body so that it can be inflated at any time, in either good world bad weather. On the bottom of the rubber duck, there is a waterproof cable that gets the energy from a power distribution board near the lake to duck the electric propeller fan duck.

Over 1, largest are reported to have visited the duck in Pittsburgh.