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Ways to make penis less sensitive

Someone know a way to permanently reduce the sensitivity of the penis without surgery?

Penis Performance Training: How to Reduce Sensitivity and Improve Endurance

less Could a long use of topical anaesthetic like Lidocaine do the job? I would penis any information about it. Last edited by gprent: I suspect that what you really need is not a pile of lidocaine, but to make your body, so that you can sensitive as long as you want. The Multi-Orgasmic Man is a great book for this there are less sources one can sensitive ways, this one just worked for me. The beginning of it deals with how men inadvertently train themselves to be quick shooters, and offers step-by-step instruction on how ways correct that.

Last night I had sex for over an hour make half.

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I had one single erection the entire time. I had many orgasms, but did not ejaculate. Penis, it should be mentioned that several of our members have had success combating Premature Ejaculation with acupuncture.

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