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Vintage truck inner tubes and flaps

Posted in Inner tubes. We buy used inner tubes from semi tires, 10x20s and any size truck tire inner tubes. We sort through tubes used inner tubes and separate good flaps tire linersblue stripe inner tubes, red yellow stripe inner tubes vintage natural rubber inner tubes.

Inner Tubes

We collect and sort good flaps that whole flaps, with no cuts or rips. We are a rubber products distributor, and in the business of recycling inner tubes. Please contact us if you have old, ripped, unusable inner tubes to sell for recycling. Our US rubber recycling warehouse collects scrap sex porn japanese woman period tubes for recycling, from all states within USA.

We received lots of inquiries from people looking to sell truck export old, flaps butyl inner tubes from the tire service centers across the US.

Butyl rubber inner tubes from used scrap tires

We are also buying scrap inner tubes from South American tire service inner. We accept old inner tubes with cuts, and and holes, etc.

We buy any size used inner tubes as long as they are butyl, blue stripe truck tire tubes. We buy truck loads of scrap inner tubes from many vendors that used to sell to US Rubber in Mississipi.