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Topless in dominican republic

I can see there are a lot of questions asked about being topless in DR, but I wanted to ask a few more questions. I am planning to surprise my husband and would love to try going topless for the first time.

Topless in DR? - Dominican Republic Forum

Honestly we don't like crowded beaches, and I would prefer to do it if there are topless a few other women doing it as well. Also we would prefer to go to an adult only hotel.

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Your best bet is Europe. Most of the women are topless here and it is very much he norm on any European beach or by the pool at any hotel. If you want to get dominican and walk around then that will be republic in Spain, France, the Black Sea.

Topless sunbathing???? Is it really everywhere? - Dominican Republic Forum - TripAdvisor

If you're looking nearer the DR then Temptation in Mexico is a great shout. My wife went topless at the El Dorado Royale in Mexico.

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My wife wore a thong there with no issues but kept her top on. We have looked at the DR a few times and always had trouble finding a place where topless was ok.

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We have yet to go there.