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Topless en la playa

Naked people everywhere! - Playa de la Tejita

To my surprise this was a nudist beach! Being British I wasn't really used to but it's quite common over here. Nice topless beach though This is topless long romantic sandy beach like the taken from a movie. So if you'd like to have a swim in the Atlantic Ocean that is a good place to try. A beautiful natural beach. If nudity offends you stay away from the mountain end of the beach. playa

Clandestinidad y multas: la situación del toples en América Latina

Black volcanic sand; rent a chair and umbrella. If it is windy, don't even go as the sand blows, drifts and stings.

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All kind of cum fiesta double team Having seen this secluded, sheltered from the wind, little beach when we walked up Montana Roja, today we decided to give it a little visit. We honestly didn't know We got there early and found a sheltered little corner from where we could swim.

Soon other people started to turn up, soon, one by one, the other people were getting naked.