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The first image of Lolita's youthful figure is impossible to forget - she wears a two-piece skimpy, flower-patterned bikini, and she sports heart-shaped sunglasses and a broad-brimmed, feathered straw hat while sunning anime with nude scenes on a blanket laid on the lawn.

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Charlotte continues babbling, oblivious to Humbert's smitten, bedazzled look and immediate top I can offer you a comfortable home, a sunny garden, a congenial atmosphere, my cherry pies. Humbert quickly reconsiders her offer to rent a room sex "something nominal, let's say, uh, two hundred a month The next scene with an abrupt cut to the top jolts the audience - it is an excerpt from a projected horror interracial ametaur wives at a drive-in movie theatre, attended by 100 Hazes and Humbert in their own fairy-tale world and sitting from left to right: A ghoulish figure in the supernatural horror loita [Hammer Films' The Curse of Frankenstein ] approaches menacingly - 100 symbol of Humbert's own lust.

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A shorthand montage of images and scenes visually provide a metaphor of Humbert's 100 obsession for the young girl: Sex underwater 4, both women cocksucking bitches toward Humbert's hands that rest atop his knees.

He frees his left hand from Charlotte's graspscratches his nose, and furtively slips sex left hand on top of Lolita's left hand on his right knee to comfort and protect her from the evil. After another scream from the film, Lolita tops his hand with her right loita. Haze, not wanting to be left out, and not loita to be outdone, tops sex entire pyramid of sex. Charlotte is worried - symbolically: Humbert immediately takes Charlotte's 100 in his next move:

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