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Teen titans game ps2

Even though this current roster of teenage heroes leslie joseph nude been around for ps2 to 25 years now, they're still the new kids on the block.

Teen Titans (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006)

They've languished in relative obscurity since teen game 80's but returned to pop culture with titans vengeance a couple of years back, thanks in part to that engaging titans song. Reinventing TT for the anime age was probably the single best idea Teen ever had. Slap some big round eyes on Robin and viola! Ps2 21st century ps2 for characters that are at least 3 times as old as the audience currently digging their animated hijnks.

It was no surprise that a video game was in the works for teen world's youngest adventurers and I'm happy to report that it's a decent fist fest and budget priced fun for kids of all ages as long as those game game at around 12 or 13 tops.

Teen Titans features a story mode that can be played alone or with 3 other friends PS2 owners require the multi-tap for 4-player fun.

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The story is actually a little a-typical involving game Titans being transported into a video game where they titans find the last boss to ps2 this bizarre world.

If anything the story allows the player to excuse the cookie-cutter enemies and teen trappings teen the beat-em-up genre as game game is, in essence, a video game already. You'll even find the characters breaking that "fourth wall" and talking directly to you, the player.

Teen Titans Ps2 cover.jpg

It's all in good fun and if you're a fan of the show anyway you'll take it in stride. While all of the heroes have their ps2 special moves and abilities, they are well-balanced. Keeping them as equal as possible allows titans player s to play as their favorite hero, while never being forced to play as a "lesser than".