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Suzuki x6 hustler

Bythe last GP bastion of Brumm-Bah, the sidecar class, fell to the two-stroke assault, defeated by a re-purposed outboard motor.

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Claimed machine weight was lb. All mark hamill naked fakes to all riders.

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In the previous era, when two-strokes were nasty pop-popping underpowered substitutes for real motorcycles hustler is, TriumphsBSAs, or Harleyswhen you filled the tank you removed the gas cap to hustler a suzuki beaker attached to its underside. Filling this with two-stroke oil, you emptied it into your tank, then topped up with gasoline.

Inevitably some oil dripped on the tank, whence it transferred itself to the knees of your pants, marking you as a poverty-stricken two-stroke owner.

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A tuning sheet was available from Hustler for those who wished to road race the X6. Suzuki sent the reader to buy a TD1-B magneto and pipes, gave cylinder porting specs and instructions on setting compression ratio.

Claimed stock power for X6 was hp.

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This was the essence suzuki two-stroke excitement hustler the s — we all knew that great things were being accomplished and we yearned for this revolution to hit the dealerships and sweep away musty old four-strokes with their antique motorboat sound. Suzuki incorporated what they were learning on the track in their production, so X6 had the more durable small-diameter con-rod big-end needles and small crankpins proven in suzuki.

1966 Suzuki X6 T20 Hustler

We rushed to the dealers to find that Suzuki had seriously underestimate demand. Only a few of us got bikes. And there were some annoying shifting problems. View the discussion thread.