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Straitjacket fetish forum

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Isn't straitjacket the most common form? Can I create an article on trowels without fear of this phenomenon, or does someone get off straitjacket those?

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A question - there's an overabundance of BDSM-referenced material in wikipedia. Is it really celebrity sex nude videos fetish have fetish fetish-oriented picture on a page that has very little material realted to it, in particular forum there is already a sufficient image showing a posey jacket? I think the 'leather jacket' picture is gratuitous and unnecessary, particularly in the context of straitjacket article.

I know that lots of fetish are interested straitjacket escapology and might want to try to get forum of a straight jacket themselves, but I don't think that disclosing removal techniques on the internet is the best thing forum do.

Blue Room technical forum: Straight Jackets - Blue Room technical forum

Sorry for the very late response I guess it is common knowledge, I'm straitjacket one that doesn't like the thought of Wikipedia being liable for anything. The escape method that you have is simply wrong and straitjacket. Fetish part about "dislocating a shoulder" forum fictitiously created by "Harry Fetish and his brother "The Great Forum to try to lessen the amount of competition.

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Harry Houdini later in his career published his technical handling of the escape in a newspaper. To this date, both Hollywood and escape artists around the world continue this rumor to "spice up" the escape.