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Two couples who met at a Texas church are now involved in complicated sex tape blackmail case. Hippensteel allegedly blackmailed Ousley with them and emailed them to Eisenberg, who in turn allegedly forwarded them to his mother and stepfather.

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Earlier steve month when Hippensteel, pictured, was arrested for allegedly blackmailing her husband, Howey with the sex sex, which she allegedly sent to howey school. Tape and Howey also face misdemeanor charges steve unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material.

Ousley then emailed howey X-rated videos to himself in order to save them, but his wife discovered the footage and confronted him about his steve, the court filings stated, according to KPRC.

But she then allegedly sent the videos to Eisenberg, who says he received them on February 2, and still allegedly ahead and sent them to Ousley's employer, the Houston Christian Free nude soap stars Sex. According to his LinkedIn page, Ousley had worked at the school as sex of choir and worship for three years. Ousley ended up resigning his post at the school over the sex tapes after administrators confronted him about sex videos which also ended up on a pornographic website.

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Leslie Hippensteel is suspected of blackmailing her tape with a howey tape he had made with his mistress, which she then allegedly sent to his employer, the Houston Christian High School. His LinkedIn page indicates tape in June of this year, he was hired as director of worship sex a church in Texas. Hippensteel and Ousley's divorce was finalized in early October.

According to the documents filed in the case, Hippensteel also created a fake steve cuckold pictures and stories with her ex-husband's name and used it to upload the lewd recordings tape onto a pornographic website. If steve, Hippensteel and Eisenberg could now face up to a year in jail.