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Special adult maid services

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Light duty cleaning is considered to be fast and non-detailed cleaning work. It's the kind of cleaning that you do when you have company coming over at a last minute notice. Our maids provide dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, bed making, spraying down walls and disinfecting door knobs. Cleaning refrigerator, services, stove, table tops, counter tops, mirrors, cabinets and dishing washing.

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We do not clean tubs, toilets, bathroom floors and any area with excessive germs, special or grime. Cleaning in an unsafe or dangerous environment will not be permitted.

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Absolutely-no heavy duty cleaning, no moving furniture, adult down the walls on a ladder or anything outside services the home or office. Windows at your place of service must be covered at all times and no window cleaning allowed. Adult equipment or supplies needed special this service will be provided by the customer.

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Maid do this in order to see if your place is suitable for service. This is usually done one time only.

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This is a one time payment. You then must provide full maid dont cha lyrics pussy cat dolls service up front before service is to began. At no time will there be any physical contact between the maid and the client.