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Silica 6c for dogs anal glands Boiron Silicea 6C (80 Pellet): Health & Personal Care

Your dog has a fishy smell going on behind? It might be his anal glands. They normally empty out automatically during a bowel movement. These glands can sometimes become inflamed, blocked with thicker secretions or infected if not emptied silica properly during bowel movements.

Anal Glands

Anal will notice that glands dog is tamil sex girls his behind across the floor and is constantly trying to bite and lick that area. This problem is more common in small dogs than big dogs. Some dogs will express these glands when frightened or very excited, you will know because of the for. Use if this problem exists for more than one month Mild irritation and discomfort The glands are inflamed and blocked.

Anal Glands | naturoPETic

Use this remedy if the glands are infected and may have developed and abscess. This low potency will help ripen the abscess and help bring it to a head. Then give Silica 6x, this dogs help to drain the glands.