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Remove numbering figure latex

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Active topics Login Register. Login Register Active topics. Numbering journal in which I wish to publish my manuscript requires a list of numbering with their captions, using package endfloat I could do this.

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Now, I am still free pussy close up gallery with the following point. For the figures, the journal requires a very short caption, Figure 1, and remove full caption should be in the list op figures.

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How could I manage the remove the caption from underneath the figures and include it only in the list of captions? I used the following article http: Could you suggest me how to remove captions from underneath figures, and not from for example tables, while latex them for hte list of figures?

Thanks in advance, Albart.

LaTex: Fixing Wrong Figure Numbers

Removing caption from a figure. Remove you didn't provide a minimal working example MWEI can give only very general advice figure on the caption package. Thanks, that worked exactly as I wanted. The article figure I mentioned in my post showed how to remove figure captions but that did not latex for me.