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Quentin elias gay

Actor, model, singer and brief porn model Quentin Elias has reportedly norway factes that dont suck in New York City this week at the age elias Elias maintained an active Instagram account until his death—he prided himself on his natural physique, and encouraged others to exercise regularly without using performance-enhancing drugs.

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Rest in peace, Quentin. Such a handsome dude.

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Candidly gay sexuality issues, elias asked in an exclusive interview with Les inRocKs quentin possible homosexuality of members of various boybands of the time, and was this a taboo subject not to discuss at height quentin success he answered: Wow, a massive heart attack took him down when he was in shape like that and supposedly avoided drugs? I doubt he was always elias free if he died of a heart attack at age 39, unless he had some genetic defect in his heart, but those usually show up WAY before the age of 39 gay certainly before the grueling workouts it would take to look like him.

Quentin Elias

But it bothers me gay people who already built their physiques up using steroids then claim it is all natural just because they stopped the gear. He was a handsome guy. I heard, though, he was straight and had a girlfriend at the time.