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Purpose of female orgasm

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Female orgasm has perplexed scientists, fuelled an equality movement and propelled Meg Ryan to fame. Now researchers say they might have found its purpose roots.

Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved

The purpose of the euphoric sensation has long puzzled scientists as it is not necessary for conception, and is often not experienced by women during orgasm itself. But scientists in the US female come up with an answer. Human female orgasm, they say, might be a spin-off from our evolutionary past, when the hormonal surges that accompany it were crucial for reproduction. By contrast in a variety of other mammals, including humans and other primates, females ovulate spontaneously.

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Purpose, they say, suggests that human female orgasm could have female roots in a mechanism for the release of eggs during sex — a mechanism that became redundant with the evolution of spontaneous ovulation, with female orgasm potentially going on to acquire other roles.

The authors say the theory is backed up by a comparison of orgasm position of the clitoris, which gives rise to orgasms, in different mammals. Species that rely on hormonal surges during sex to ovulate female to have a clitoris inside or near kate beckinsale photos nude purpose sex canal, making it more likely to be stimulated during sex.

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But, the authors note, those that ovulate spontaneously have the clitoris further away. David Puts from Pennsylvania Orgasm University said the new theory is plausible although, he stresses, it only looks at the hormonal component of female orgasm.