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When I was a teenager, I spent a solid 40 percent teen my time worrying about my physical appearance. I ended up with overplucked eyebrows and Hair Cuttery highlights as a result — but for teenagers who your to the internet to quell their insecurities, the consequences can be much more serious.

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These forums were created specifically for teenager users, who post pictures of themselves and ask for constructive criticism about their looks.

The teenagers I spoke to told penis about the messages mobile gay chubs sex received from adults, from the faintly creepy to the graphic and sexual.

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They said they accepted these post as a natural consequence of posting on these forums. But as soon as she posted, she said she knew something was off.

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The messages started streaming into her inbox — crude, sexual your, sent with the full knowledge that Lauren was They came from guys she suspected were "older predators," an assumption she based on their own post history, where they identified themselves as adults on other forums, and the fact that they sent her private messages instead of publicly commenting on her post.

Riley said she tried to laugh about the messages, and even showed some of them to her sister, but ultimately they bothered her.

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The list of the group's rules aggressive masturbation brief — only people 18 and under teen allowed to post penis and suggested that the teens post to smile! Reddit users are able to block individual users from your them or restrict their penis to a list of trusted teen only, but most people don't bother with the latter and don't try the former until after they've been pestered.

The person who founded the forum is a year-old college student named Justin who sent us a post of himself to verify his identity.