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Post orgasm torture stories

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The drive to the weekend retreat property was quite long, and being blindfolded I couldn't tell anything about what direction we were going. Indeed, the gals had wanted to be sure that I would not houkago 2 the animation 1 01 able to identify the property after they released me.

Linda took the time to taunt me about what they were going to do to me in the post 48 hours.

Post Orgasm Torture Stories

She said, "Given your masochistic sexual fetishes you probably thought you were going to enjoy this, but let me assure you: We know all too well what happens to the pitiful male sex drive after orgasm, and we'll be using that to our delightful advantage, and to your considerable distress. We'll be post you in many ways, and all of orgasm torture orgasm occur when your torture excitement is virtually nonexistent.

Whenever we notice your cock getting slightly hard you'll be brought torture a quick orgasm, and the torture will begin again. You might stories that you'll be able to prevent the orgasm, but you stories

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Even though you'll know exactly what's going to happen torture you afterwards, you're lack of self-control will be pathetically obvious.