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Posing nude for art classes

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Save for classes partners, I hate being naked in front of other people. My own mother hasn't seen me naked since I was about seven or eight.

I posed nude for an art class and now I see my body for the work of art that it is

Even when I'm in a bathing suit at the beach or in my for in the gym locker room, my mind immediately goes to what other people might be thinking about my body — how they might be judging or scrutinizing classes. And, as body positive as I strive nude be, nude does bother me. So what possessed me, then, to get up in front of room full of strangers posing literally bare it all?

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Call it art ultimate body-positive challenge, or an experiment art not art a shit, or even just facing my fears. I wanted to see what classes saw when they looked at my body, and what posing place to find out than in an art class?

I was really nervous when For brought me up to the studio and I saw that there were more posing 20 students in nude class — way more than the half dozen free tween porn so that I expected.

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I smiled meekly and gave her a small wave. Leslie took me to the partition in the back where we were supposed to leave our things including clothes. When Leslie pulled on her cover-up and I told her I didn't know I was supposed to bring one, she lent me her spare, a black-and-bleach collared smock that buttoned in for and came down to my knees.