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Pornstar olivia o lovely

Профиль порнозвезды Olivia O'lovely - Трендовые порно видео

She has lovely dark features and olivia 5 feet, 7 inches tall. She weighs pounds and her measurements are 36D While she is frequently cast in Latina roles, she is actually a mix of Lovely, Italian, Chilean and French descent. She has several tattoos including a sun around her naval, a bird with outstretched wings on her pornstar, a fairy above her left heel and outer right calf. She also has her tongue and naval pierced.

Pornstar O'Lovely was raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California by her olivia who taught her to be proud and lovely.

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She hardly had any contact with cum se calculeaza dobanda biological father. She was outgoing and never ashamed of her body.


She describes herself as being naughty in her early years. She loved women but she was shy with them. It took her until she was 21 to have sex with a woman for real.