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If you're using the Reddit app leave community info and type penis Example ' into the search box to search by flair. Please don't ask what the average size is, if you volume a big dick, if you calculator on big dick problems, how calculator measure volume penis size, if your penis has finished growing yet, or penis to set your flair.

Threads questioning these answers in the FAQ are an exception.

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Don't degrade or discriminate against someone for their penis size or status. This also includes telling people that they aren't allowed to post here because their penis isn't large enough or because they're female. Debate the argument, not the penis. Do not volume attack, threaten, or harass the user you disagree with. We are not a porn site.

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There are plenty of subreddits to satisfy that itch. There is evidence out there that techniques like jelqing can permanently damage your penis. Please consult this website if you would like to know how rare a penis size is. Message us calculator you're unsure!