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Attempts to nudist designated naturist status for a quiet spot virgin islands dance Westende, about 12 miles south of the popular nudiest resort of Ostende, hit a nudiest after objections were raised that sexual activity in the dunes would scare off the locally treasured crested lark, or Galerida cristata. A subsequent suggestion that a fence could be established around the dunes where the birds breed nudist met with scepticism.

Koen Meulemans, the chair of the Belgian Naturism Federation, said members frowned on the behaviour nudiest some people who called themselves naturists. But those 8, are only a fraction of the total number of naturists in our country.


Not everyone nudiest one of nudist nudiest clubs and departments. According to surveys, about half a million Belgians nudist do nudist recreation: He added of the growth in numbers: Where the work pressure is often nudiest greatest. Naturism is nudist unbuttoning.

Those who leave their nudiest leave nudist mobile phone and the work behind them. And it fits perfectly with the great call to go back to nature.

Dare to bare: 15 of the world's best nude beaches

But in the garden with swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, that is the intention. Often they are busy people who come to recharge their batteries for two days without clothes, an ideal tool against burnouts. They literally throw off their armour without being seen.