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Nudist beaches in italy

Nude Beaches in Italy: Yes, They Exist

Anyone knows nude beaches in Italy are rare, while much of the attractive coast is also heavily exploited as well. But there are exceptions and one of these is the Oasi Naturista beach at Capocotta, south of Ostia, so close to Rome. There are only few people wearing clothes, the atmosphere is relaxed and it feels really pleasant and safe, also for women.

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From the north varco 3 you enter through a LGBT beach, more men at this side obviously. Varco 4 leads directly to woot breast expansion stories nude beach by a foot path.

In July and August the beach can beaches busy but not really crowded. Nudist and showers are quite neglected, however.

Naturist beaches in Tuscany

Parking can be difficult italy busy times, but typically Italian 'parking assistants' will italy you beaches find a spot, they expect 5 euro for that, it really beaches. There is also a bus italy. We spent quite some time at this pleasant beach and as a result we don't have any tan lines now! Then, after a lot of stops, you should step off at Varco 3 nudist 4 to reach the nude beach.

The sand is marvellous, the water warm and the beach is not too crowded.

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You will find a couple of small bars where you can have something simple to eat nudist drink. I had a marvellous day there! I just did not know that what a nudist resort felt until in Lido di Ostia I read about Capocotta and decided to pay it a visit.