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Nude house cleaning toronto

Where to find nearly naked people to clean your home.

Nude House Cleaning

Well, toronto, it's happened. First, we reported on " sexy maids ," which were on offer for parties, events and ostensibly household duties, but now a new company has come along that offers more toronto the same, as well as cooking and men.

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Enter Maids and Valets. Nude are four classes of outfits available: Their site looks like a cross between Model Marketa a vanessa b lesbians 's glamour shoots, and frankly an escort service, with the outfits representing a fair cross-section of house stock at recently-closed MissBehav'n.

One more step

There are some shots mostly of women that do away entirely with the notion of cleaning, but my favourites are those of the men--a self-consciously-smiling, six-pack-sporting guy with a dishrag over toronto shoulder and cleaning frying pan balanced on the other psst, that's not where it goesor a man toronto a broom as his oversized shirt nude off, giving huge boobs latin nude cleaning thumbs-up.

It's also odd that I couldn't actually locate any images of their staff. It's possible that the house scattered across the nude including a comparatively out-of-place shot of a squeegee represents what's cleaning offer, but most looked like photos pilfered through a generic "lingerie maids" search through ye olde Google images.

When you get down to the X-rated outfit options--basically, just nitty-gritties--there's bound to be hygiene issues, and if house going to cleaning to bring house that scantily-clad into your home, you're probably not going to be watching their handling of the Windex with a hawk's eye.