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Nude art bw

Nudes Bw Art Prints

Classic artistic nudes or "fine art nudes" are often photographed in the studio, in front of a white or black nude, perhaps with a cloth and some dark shadows to hide the zones that for many make the art between an artistic and an offensive photo.

For my clients and the photo-sessions with new models I prefer to use the furniture and east indian escort toronto the nooks and crannies of my penthouse studio art the vibrant center of the old city of Barcelona: My artistic nude are simple. I do not use any styling and pseudo-artistic straining after effects.

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I want expressive women photos full of natural sensuality and self-assured femininity, photographed sensitively, authentic and very close. Of course, I look for the best angles and lighting that emphasizes the personal beauty of the woman to be photographed. During the photo nude I try to nude a comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere in which the models feel good and to avoid artificial "artistic" poses.

Nude of the women I photograph have never been photographed in the nude before, and I think it's one of my talents to tempt them during art session to be really themselves, to let live their own individual femininity and to reveal their own, unique charm, regardless art the stereotypes of the beauty and image industry.

B W Nude Art Prints

I do not retouch much nor do I nude anything. In a world ruled by lies I plead with my art photography for sincerity and naturalness, with femininity in the star role. There are genuine moments, art woman in a art of joy nude herself, without faking or exaggerating anything.

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