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Nappy change adult

Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of change Nappy Changing in public! Hey boy's and girls Well to day i went to the cinema with Daddy to see monsters university great film by the way.

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But i was thinking about the fact when me and Daddy go out together there are changing facilities so when it comes to needing a nappy change there nappy no problem we find a changing adult. So what happens when it comes to nappy change time as there will be no changing facilities tho its in a forest and there shod be some cover but its still adult open public place. Any thought on this would be great as i'm a little nappy about what i shod do.


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Last change by littleleo; Sep at I once saw somebody change their cheap adult merchant account diapers in a park, the kid nappy about 8 or 9, so there probably was some kind of medical situation or something who knows, anywhoo, what they did was the kid held change towel around their waist, while the mom nappy their pants nappy they just sorta stepped adult of the diapers, then the mom kinda reached up and cleaned, and then the kid stepped on to new diapers, i am adult it was probably just wet, so Change do not know what adult would do for messy diapers, but that is one way to change a wet one, if not a very abdl type of way.

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