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Nancy pelosi big breast

Stop Ogling Sarah Palin's Breasts

First it was her pelosi pageant ah my goddess hentai pic. Breast the glassesdesigner duds and hair. And don't forget nancy those shapely gams. As if we couldn't collectively pelosi Sarah Nancy body and appearance any further, now it's time to check out her breasts. Go ahead, take a look at the side-by-side photos. Never mind that the Newsweek cover was pelosi airbrushed in big way, that she's wearing what looks like breast chest-flattening, spandexy workout top and that the camera angles aren't the same.

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Oh, and breast Jezebel aptly points outit's entirely possible for bosoms to change shape from day to day thanks to newfangled contraptions called brassieres. Now that we've established that her breasts indeed appear big sizes in the photos, can we breast on - and quickly? I couldn't care less if Palin big a boob job.

What's worth questioning is why this woman's body is once again a headline nancy - not the screwy faux feminist rhetoric big been tossing out lately pelosi her next move now that Super Tuesday has come and gone.

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And why are we yet again appraising a political figure's character and intellect based on physical appearance, nancy is a pointless exercise in petty judgment? Moreover, this has nothing to do with politics.