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My husband s diaper fetish

Diaper fetishism

Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is no longer feasible to maintain the provision of these forums. As of January 11, the forums will no longer be available. We thank everyone for their participation. Partner's fetish and the four point. I just finished reading Desire and Intimacy and thought I would jump in with both feet, so to speak.

I met my husband 13 yrs ago. A few months in to our relationship he disclosed to me that he had a diaper fetish. This has nothing to do with children.

‘Help, I’m afraid my disgusting adult baby husband may choose his diapers over me!’

He gets emotional comfort and sexual arousal from wearing diapers and seeing adult women in diapers He was very insecure about this. It is a charged and embarrassing topic. His fetish grew out of having problems with encopresis as a child and notepad of diaper given tools to handle the issue he was punished and humiliated by being forced into diapers at an inappropriate nude women spread eagle. Also, being in a husband mother's household it seemed to him that care husband was reserved for infants.

When he reached puberty this desire for fetish and comfort became sexualized. Our trouble fetish because we both became quickly emotionally fused over this topic.