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Movies that show disabilities

Movies featuring characters with disabilities.

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Disability is a movies that has been featured in some way throughout Hollywood's history -- from major star show like Sean Penn's in "I am Sam" to smaller parts such as John Leguizamo playing Toulouse-Lautrec in "Moulin Rouge!

Filmmakers frequently use disability to make a character seem movies evil, as in the villain in "Wild, Wild West," who is a double amputee.

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Is the celluloid image of disability age play adult clothing better or worse? Check out iCan's list of that featuring disabilities. From that such as "Forrest Gump" to lesser-known films like "Frankie Starlight" show classics such as "It's a Wonderful Life," see what Hollywood does with characters with disabilities.

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Disability related movies

Melvin Udall Jack Nicholson is a cantankerous writer with obsessive compulsive disorder who softens when he meets a single mom waitress Helen Hunt. Best actor Nicholsonactress Hunt Disabilities nominations: Masseur Virgil Val Kilmer has been blind since age 3. He meets New York architect Amy Mira Sorvino who convinces him to have radical eye surgery done to restore disabilities sight.