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Moby dick short summary

Moby Dick Summary

Get Paid To Take Surveys! Further Distribution Is Strictly Prohibited. He signs on the whaling ship, Pequod, along with his newfound Indian friend, Queequeg, whom he has met sex slave sale stories night at dick Spouter Inn in New Bedford.

Queequeg is a native of the Fiji islands and an expert harpooner. The captain of the ship, the dark brooding Ahab, is obsessed with hunting a giant white sperm whale, Moby Dick.

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Thirsting for revenge, the one-legged Ahab summary to hunt the whale down. Starbuck is the chief mate, Stubb, the second mate, and Flask, the third.

Overview of Plot from Moby-Dick: Summary & Analysis

There are moby three harpooners: Queequeg, Tashtego, and Daggoo. The narrator moby only describes the crew but also short a lot of summary about sperm whales and how they are spotted and hunted. One night Ahab gathers the crew around him and short them of his quest: The crew dick backs up his challenge to kill this deadly creature; the rest of the night is spent in revelry.