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Mega squirt fuel injection

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Your tuner sits in front of the computer calibrating the MegaSquirt ECU to its fullest potential, maxing out both the horsepower and torque curve of mega engine. MegaSquirt is an aftermarket EFI electronic fuel injector built to work on internal combustion engines.


EFI controllers allow you to tune your car and achieve the best performance possible for your engine. SinceMegaSquirt has introduced 8-bit and bit processors along with systems capable of handling data speeds up to 50 MHZ. MegaSquirt is an open cum on dagny com system that leaves much room for additional features. You can even build the squirt circuit board yourself. There is a vast inventory of MegaSquirt controllers available on eBay.

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Tune your MegaSquirt system to run your car at its maximum injection. For 4 cylinder engine. A ll mosfet drivers.

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I myself made this ECU.