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HowTo Posted: If the Claimant has made such an application, the Dispute resolution service provider shall inform the parties and give the Claimant an opportunity to apply for continuation of the proceedings in accordance with paragraph However, he shall have no authority to impose a specific result on the parties. If the parties by agreement wish to continue the Conciliation beyond this, they shall bear the resulting extra costs in equal shares, unless they have agreed a different division of these extra costs.

The Conciliator shall inform the Dispute resolution service provider of such a continuation of the Conciliation and shall suspend the Dispute resolution proceedings in accordance with paragraph 8. In particular, they shall not use or disclose any non-public information which they have acquired in the course of the Conciliation conference.

Conclusion of the Conciliation conference a The Conciliator shall promptly inform the Dispute resolution service provider of the conduct of the Conciliation conference and its outcome.

The Conciliator shall record any settlement reached between the parties in a brief document and shall send one copy of this document to each of the parties. Each party shall send the dispute resolution service provider a signed copy of this document within ten 10 calendar days. Alternatively, within this period, a copy signed by both parties may be sent. Otherwise, or if no agreement has been reached between the parties, the Dispute resolution service provider shall declare the Dispute resolution proceedings terminated, unless the Claimant has made an application for the appointment of an Expert in accordance with paragraph 12 c.

Continuation of the proceedings The Dispute resolution proceedings shall be continued if the Claimant has applied in the request for the appointment of an Expert according to paragraph 12 cand has made an application within ten 10 calendar days of the notification according to paragraph 15 d17 bor 18 b for the continuation of the Dispute resolution proceedings, and has arranged within the period specified in sub-paragraph ii for the payment of the corresponding fees as per paragraph 11 and the schedule of fees.

Appointment of the Expert a If the Dispute resolution proceedings are continued in accordance with paragraph 19, the Dispute resolution service provider shall appoint a single Expert from its list, taking into account availability, the qualifications required in the individual case and any agreement between the parties.

Domain registration li

General powers of the Expert a The Expert shall conduct the dispute resolution procedure in the manner he deems appropriate, in compliance with these Rules of procedure. However, they wrote of frequent server disconnection, especially Read Article. Access Document.

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