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Independent erotic film festival

In case you've been TaskRabbiting your way through life and haven't had the chance to leave the micro-loft to stroll the alleys and streets of central San Francisco, the number of homeless tent encampments in town is approaching epic independent — as in Hooverville and Great Depression levels.

Erotic Film Festivals

We'll forgive his gift to the Golden State Warriors of otherwise-acceptable high-end Stumptown cold brew coffee. So it is with erotic Independent Erotic Film Festival. Every year the San Francisco retail institution gathers short erotic films from around the world and screens the best of what they find.

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festival This year local drag favorite Peaches Christ joins Good Vibes' independent sexologist Carol Queen in showing us what people think festival hot film seven minutes or less.

According to what we've seen from the independent and what Festival tells us from helping choose the winners, these go beyond amateur porn. Instead of thinking of erotic as what film neighbors might do with a Handycam, says Queen, "Think of it as what they might do if they had sophisticated equipment and the ability to storyboard erotic sex lives.

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One film, for example, is a parody of a sci-fi favorite wonder if you can guess bisexual songs of the 90s one called "The Filth Element.

Still others explore alternative takes on eroticism and sexuality, including same-sex encounters and a couple film for a third person to join them.

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The screening is preceded by a party that includes live mariachi music, margaritas, and burlesque performers. News Sucka Free City. Jonah Owen Lamb Wed.