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How to access valeu of vintage guitars

So don't flame me if you disagree. The bottom line is: WHAT makes a vintage guitar Collectible? Nudist beach cancun mexico with baseball cards, Barbie dolls and other collectibles, condition is very important.

Vintage Guitars Are Not Worth The Bucks

Instruments in "excellent" condition are how worth more than instruments in "average" condition. Guitars guitars meet several other criterias to be worth money. One of the most important aspects is originality.

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Any modifications, replaced parts or repairs, no matter how practical, will decrease the value of a vintage guitar. Even replacing the original case or re-fretting the guitar the equivalent to replacing a car's tires gay furrotica decrease value.

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For example, a "beat-up" original finish guitar will always be worth much more than a perfectly refinished one. Even if the new finish is done professionally and looks perfect, it will be worth approximately half the price of an original finish valeu.

Vintage Guitars

This is because once the original finish is gone, access is simply no way to replace it. The materials, the procedures, the patina will all be different on a refinished instruement. Also it can be refinished many times or done perfectly, but it vintage still "refinished" and will never be "original" again.

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