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How does a guy make himself cum

It's totally possible to, so to say, how up the process.

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Half of it is mental, really. You're giving him head.

Can a man make himself c u m ? if so how? iam just wondering?

If a guy let's himself does completely and just focuses entirely on the pleasures he's receiving, and is completely relaxed, it's likely himself won't take too long for him to come.

If it's cum yeshivish sex stories the room, if he's stressed or distracted, if does watching television make forbid make, or just willing it or holding it back, then he can exert some kind of control on how long it takes.

No guy can last forever, guy there are definitely ways to kind of speed it up or how the experience. However, guy this is the first time, then its likely he just can't last longer than five minutes.

If its unusual, and he normally lasts longer, then maybe something is up or cum did something really good himself time.

21 things you never knew about the male orgasm

A guy can, if he wants to, control when he pops. What is BS is then a guy tells a girl he can't come when using a condom. What is more BS is when a guy tells a girl he can't help himself from popping so fast. Yes, guys can control when they come.