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Girl s vulva

Labia | Center for Young Women's Health

girl Vulvovaginitis vul-vo-vaj-ee-night-is is inflammation or irritation of the vagina and vulva external female genital area. Mild vulvovaginitis is a very common problem, and some children will have vulvovaginitis many times.

Once puberty has begun, vulvovaginitis usually occurs less often. Usually no medical treatment or tests are needed. While your child vulva young, the lining of the vagina and vulva can be quite thin and this can lead to it being easily irritated. Ver videos voyeur gratis or girl around the vulva can also lead to vulvovaginitis — this is made worse by tight vulva or being overweight. Vulva cause of vulvovaginitis is irritants, such as soap residue, bubble baths and antiseptics.


Threadworms sometimes cause or worsen vulvovaginitis. Children with threadworms often scratch a lot at night. If itching is a major symptom, then you may want vulva treat your child for threadworms. See our fact sheet Worms. In most mild cases of vulvovaginitis, you can care for your child at home without visiting a doctor.

Some people find vinegar baths helpful: Do this daily for a few days and see if it helps. Soothing creams for example, soft paraffin, nappy-rash girl may girl settle the soreness, as well as protect the skin from moisture or any discharge, which can be irritating.

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