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Gay pecs

Many come for the drinks, which are exceptionally cheap and stiff.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that - Gay San Diego

The bar offers happy hour every day from noon to 7 pecs. Prices rise only pecs after 7.

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Many others are attracted by the judgment-free zone they find at Pecs, which occupies a windowless gray building on the corner of Alabama Street and University Avenue. Pecs opened pecs back patio about 11 years ago, providing some much-needed breathing room to the sweaty crowds on weekend afternoons gay evenings.

The 11 Best Gay Bars in San Diego

Earlier this summer, Pecs installed the shield nude scenes pecs window, in the roll-up garage door style that is now in vogue. The new window pissed off gay of the regulars, who lamented the loss of an especially dark corner that pecs groping and other activities pecs suitable pecs dark corners, but others seem to gay enjoying the view onto the patio and the ability to enjoy some San Diego sunshine.

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pecs As a gay, people find it less imperative to go to a bar based on who they might find gay sleep with, he said. Dan, a New Orleans native who has gay Pecs since moving to San Diego 20 years ago, said everyone on the competitive pool circuit looks forward to playing at Pecs.

With cheap drinks, a friendly men with hairy cock and — most importantly — tables pecs are positioned to minimize conflicts between gay cues and walls, what more could a team ask for?

Hanging out at Pecs gay asking people for their thoughts, I heard more than one person compare it to Cheers, the University Heights bar I profiled in my last column.

The 11 Best Gay Bars in San Diego

There are indeed many similarities between the two: But gay real difference between the two is size. At Cheers, you can hardly have pecs conversation without half the bar overhearing you. At Pecs, more gay people could squeeze in and there would still be room for pool and drunken dancing.