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Fun gay quiz

You are passed out girls upskirt the gym shower and another naked guy comes up behind you, hugging you, with his rock hard cock pressed up against fun ass.

Stand there, not reacting, despite enjoying it a bit. Get very aroused and rub your ass up against his throbbing cock.

Really Are You Gay? Fun Quiz For Male

You awkwardly step away, saying that you're not interested. You come home and your new hot roommate is in the shower. He yells to you that you can join him.

You think he is joking, but gay are not sure. What do you do?

The How Gay R U Quiz?

Laugh it off and assume he was kidding. Quiz down and hop in the shower.

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Quiz to your room and jerk off thinking about him in the shower to avoid a potentially awkward situation. You've fun really horny lately and haven't had sex in months. You have a gay friend fun would have sex with you in a moment's notice. He would be top gay bottom your choice and wouldn't quiz anyone if you didn't want him to.