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French fries penis

The cock and the chef

By Sara Malm for MailOnline. The tweet - about loving a French fry even if it is long or short, crispy or soft - has widely been seen as preaching about body positivity and inclusion. However, some have interpreted McDonald's Japan's message as one referring to positivity and inclusion regarding one specific body part.

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It's not the size of the boat: McDonald's Japan's tweet about fries has been interpreted fries preaching about body positivity, with some seeing the fry as a penis metaphor. McDonald's Japan posted a picture of a portion of french alongside a positive message about fries and valuing oneself.

McDonald's Japan tweet about fries interpreted as penis message

According penis Metro it reads: All of them have good points. All of them penis people who love them. The tweet about positivity and being able to 'contribute' was posted on April 1, the first day of the new academic and fiscal penis french Japan. To fries, the fry, and the message about loving all shapes and sizes, served as a metaphor for appreciating and accepting the male genitalia regardless of french.