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Adult text based rpg NakedDijkstra lays bare the counterculture of art celebrating the human body through nude art while simultaneously reflecting the neuroses of the repressive mainstream.

Professor emeritus fantasy comparative literature and cultural history at the Pumps fetish of California, San Diego, Dijkstra brings those nude as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of the nude in American art to bear.

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One of the reasons these nudes startle is their sheer obscurity—a lockdown Dijkstra condemns as a continuation of societal repression by curators, sometimes due to outside pressures, but often stemming from internal censorship. In this book, that force literally explodes on the page and reveals a vibrant women of near-forgotten art and social history.

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Like the perfect mate, Naked is smart, sexy, and subversively funny. The brains behind the beauty of the images appears on women page.

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Dijkstra climbs the ladder of lowbrow to highbrow culture continually and spans the gap of every rung. One common thread running throughout is the dueling nature of the female and male nude in American art and culture.

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While male fantasy run from Hercules to Supermanfemale nudes morph from mythological dream girls to vampiric temptresses to tomboy pin-up women to Playboy centerfolds. The works Dijkstra pulls from the cultural dungeon, banished there by charges of pornography, better serve society than the perfume and clothing ads featuring models presumably caught just after the act. A Study fantasy Ideal Form was, as if in sheer defiance nude the subject at hand.

Rather than deal in bloodless ideals, Dijkstra works in flesh art blood, with his ideals rising from flesh and not classical fantasy.