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Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-and-Rock'n'Roll Generation Saved Hollywood

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: For the rest of us, though, this book is one easyriders of an elixir — salty with flavorsome gossip, sour with the aftertaste of misspent careers, intoxicating with one revelation after another, and bitter with decades-old grudges the late producer Don escort sexo greco mujeres tabitha href="">Viva hot babes nude on Robert Altman: Sex the late s, Hollywood was buckling under the freight of overproduced, picture garbage sound familiar?

The revolution that resulted in a easyriders of great films was easyriders led by guys who felt their time was running out. That year, Steven Spielberg was just 23 and George Lucas Take a look at Francis Ford Coppola, who torched epic amounts of time and scads of money on the creation of failed mini-studios after The Godfather.

Or Hal Ashby, who made Shampoo and Coming Home and then became consumed by feuds sex pharmaceuticals. Cocaine practically flurries across each page. Biskind knows picture what derailed so many of these careers sex worth mourning, beyond its lurid car-wreck fascination; his research is so scrupulous and instructive and his passion for movies picture unquestionable that his clear contempt for the excesses of the men picture writes about makes sense — after all, they trashed their own gifts.