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Did obama graduate magna cum laude from harvard

Early life and career of Barack Obama - Wikipedia

No president has released his course grades. Bush and Al Gore had their grades hacked for public release but they did not personally release them. Presidents who attended the military acadamies have a rank in their class but not course grades. Magna cum laude puts a student in the top ten percent of their class in Grade Point Average over three years of Law School.

Barack Obama's GPA and College Records

So what is the point of a degree anyways? They are all sharp pain during orgasm in the real world.

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If you go to college, all alumni will tell you that what you learn in college is meaningless in the real world. These super smart people figured that out and quit and started on their own track.

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From personal experience, I will tell you this. I was the smartest and most capable kid in my class.

Early life and career of Barack Obama

My teachers always allowed it but not for anyone else …why? My friend would study all the time. I would study for 10—15 minutes before class.