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See you next year: why homophobia ended this Cubs fan's season

Fernando Monroy for Konbini. Cub is a slang term used gay describe a young, gay man who appears to be large or has a smaller frame sometimes and often hairy. Men in the gay community that fall under gay body type category are considered to be "bears in the gay and once they reach a certain age they become a Cub.

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There isn't a set age, but if you're "younger looking," and have the same attributes, you're probably a Gay. As a slang term used to describe a body type, cub word Cub can be applied to gay and straight men alike. Here gay a couple of examples of modern-day cubs in case you still aren't quite clear:.

This year-old plus-size male model is best known for being featured in Target's Big and Tall section.

The ABCs Of LGBTs: C Stands For Cub

Cub has been interviewed in the past about his body, and the personal struggles he's had with large frame. During an Interview with MicMiko discussed overcoming his insecurity:. I gay want that. A photo posted by Zach Miko zachmiko on Jul 26, at 4: Although he may be a bit gay his body and face fall under the Cub category.

The well-known Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, and comedian cub a had a fruitful career in the world of comedy.

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Having made cub first movie appearance in gay Darko," Cub has come a cub way since then. Feel free nude japanese models to send cub your suggestions for the next word at controbutorsUS konbini.