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It will be shown in the review in different places on our website and inside our widgets on 3rd party websites if they use it. We collect this information automatically when the review is posted by the author.

All reviewers can request the deletion of any personal information and it will be deleted within the 48 hours after the request. You are in: HostAdvice Fornex Reviews. Visit Site 1 Based on 16 user review in 2 languages. Customer score for Fornex Reliability 9.

Share this review 0. To proceed please enter your email. Write a Review on Fornex. The site I host with Fornex Optional. You can have megs of disk space and unlimited traffic. They do limit you to three websites for this level though. When you move up to the VPS solutions you will have a lot more options to meet your needs.

Interestingly, the entry level VPS is the same price as the shared hosting, but with much better features. Their dedicated servers have a few base options but then also allow you to create a custom server as well to meet all your needs. These servers start at 24 gigs of RAM and go up to 96, which is quite good. For the custom servers they say the range is from 16 to gigs of RAM. Hard drives can either be traditional or SSD based on what you want.

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Since this company has had an average response time on tickets of less than 60 minutes. This is pretty good overall. They have worked overtickets during this time and from what I can tell based on user reviews, they are quick to solve issues and help their customers. The pricing with this company is not the cheapest you will find.

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They do offer good quality for the price in most cases though. Nobody should consider this option since for the same price you can move up to the entry level VPS. Свяжитесь с нами. Продукты Решения Цены Поддержка. Регистрация или вход в облако. Что такое облачный хостинг? Сеть серверов, работающих как одно целое. Основные возможности. Приложения и решения развертываются в облачной сети, а не на отдельном локальном сервере.

Ресурсы масштабируются в зависимости от нужд пользователя. Организации платят только за используемые ресурсы. Решения автоматизированы и управляются через API, веб-порталы и мобильные приложения. Почему именно облачный хостинг. Гибкость Обычные услуги хостинга имеют ограниченную пропускную способность. Модель повременной оплаты Пользователи платят только за используемые ресурсы на помесячной или почасовой основе.

Regarding the requirements 1,2, you have to work via team-viewer. Before to send the proposal, you have I just deleted my wordpress site on the server by my mistake. Server provider is Namecheap I need someone who can recover the files. I am not sure it is possible. I have one project working with dart, python script and postgre database.

I will provide account credential and source codes.

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You should deploy on google cloud. Only expert who has much exp in deployment should bid on this project. I need to complete asap.

Hi, It seems someone installed Malware on my hosting provider after giving them access and now I need someone to help get rid of it. I have a report from the hosting provider of all the files that need to be cleaned. The big issue is: We needs skills in: Java, MySQL to do the installation and get a demo environment live We would like to be guided to through the demo environment. More info: I need free website edits on Wordpress now. Built functional website for company.

Basic functional pages: Home, Services, Products, Contact us. Basic user management: New end user account creation, existing user account management, admin role management Prefer to have freelancer located in Kuala LumpurMalaysia. I am looking for someone who can build me a decent e-commerce website for my wine company. Hello I need to install Imagick or GD extension on aws ec2 server. There is one of php library.

TCPDF This is using Imagick or GD extension I need to this install this library on aws ec2 server for my php I tried to install myself on server using below command sudo yum install php-gd but i can get this error on server Error: Hi, i would like a php mailer configured to and signed with domain to send emails. Looking for server expert to migrate my website from wordpress to godaddy.

My website is on wordpress. I have already purchased godaddy and cpanel. We are looking for a website developer who can work with us to build our e-commerce website The business is for selling a clothes, we are looking for a developer who can deliver us a website with very high quality.

Creating a website for medical data storage. The website will need to be fully functional within 5 buisness days with SEO and analytic functions for tracking data and gaining info.

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The website will need to include a main information page, privacy policy, contact page, and a a login feature for users. Hello im trying to swap my domain primary of my wordpress site. I use hostgator. I will need a website and an app to sell psn, xbox live, netflix cards etc.