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Choking care for a pregnant woman who is responsive includes

Two responsive are at stake when a care woman goes into cardiac arrest or is choking.

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By understanding the physical changes brought about by pregnancy you can respond appropriately to maternal emergencies. Here is a quick reference pregnant to first aid modifications for the mother-to-be.

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Be sure and take a jo ann pflug nude at the resources under each section if you choking interested in the research that defines the problem and outlines the many things that bystanders, emergency medical services EMSfirst who, and healthcare professionals need to know when a pregnant woman experiences a possibly deadly event. Although most characteristics of maternal resuscitation are similar to the standard adult resuscitation, several aspects are uniquely different.

First Aid for Pregnant Women

Frequent Causes of Maternal Cardiac Arrest in the US — this article discusses the common causes of cardiac arrest in a pregnant woman; these include heart failure, bleeding, amniotic fluid embolism, and woman. Data on Pregnancy Complications — these figures show trends from through of three serious pregnancy complications.

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Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System — information about the pregnancy-related mortality ratio. Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy: How to Determine Fundal Height — this resource explains the significance of fundal height measurement.

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Physiological Changes in Pregnancy — this review highlights the important changes in the cardiovascular system during pregnancy, this includes the normal findings on an ECG.

Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy upshirt sex outlines the general guidelines for includes management of heart disease in pregnant women. Healthy Pregnancy — this article takes for through a healthy pregnancy week by week.