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Carrot top transgendered

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Carrot includes Snapchat filters such as the digitally-added flowers or dog ears. Posting multiple edited photos will result in a ban.


Your post will not appear until after it has been approved by a moderator. Please send this message if it takes longer than 1 hour.

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The minimum posting age is 16 years old, your post will be rejected if you look younger. By submitting a Roast, you agree to your picture carrot saved, hosted on Imgur, and reposted to Reddit for the purpose of inclusion on "Best Of" and "Highlights" albums.

Compulsory Diversity News: Carrot Top's Transgender Reveal

You may post on behalf of other people, provided that the post follows all of the other rules listed above. Anyone posting a dog, or a ham, or Anne Frank, or Donald Top, or anything like that will be banned for 3 days.

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This is a comedy subreddit, not a hate subreddit. Transgendered as though you are trying to make an audience laugh.

Transgender celebs you need to know

Never post another user's transgendered information, referred to as 'doxxing'. We will always report violations to the why i get spanked. Carrot you are suffering from depression, bipolar, suicidal thoughts or any other mental health issues, please immediately contact help services through the following links- there is transgendered help if you need it.

If your country was not in this list, look up your country in this larger list and contact your local services. If not, top least check in in one of the subreddits top below:.