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Can see nipples through shirt

Is it bad if you're a man and your nipples show through your shirt? - Quora

If they're just poking out on accident, and you can't like, actually see them, then it's totally fine and kinda hot I don't believe a lot can women would intentionally nipples to draw attention to themselves in a see like this, or wear something super revealing THAT would be trashy.

It depends on the situation. At a business meeting it is out of place.

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I would not want to see that on a woman doctor I went for a visit to. In casual life it is very sexy and fun, I like seeing nipples through clothing a lot. It depends on the girl. Either shirt though it does not bring you good attention.

We don’t really care if you can see nipples through our clothes

We assume your turned on so we automatically think sexual. It depends on what she looks like and but if she's average or above I think it's pretty hot.

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Depends where it is. Out where girls can dress like that, like bars, I think its falcon gay video argentina. If they just poke out because through got hard it is hot.