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Can a girl get pregnant by fingerings

Can a girl get pregnant from fingering herself?

With that in mind: You cannot get pregnant if sperm has not touched your pregnant. You can't get pregnant from your own fingers unless someone with a penis ejaculated on your hand prior and you did not wash your hands.

Which, mature anal milf porn the by, don't do that unless you are fluid-bonded with this person and are on some sort of birth control. Your mouth cannot get you pregnant.

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Fellatio, or oral sex performed on a penis, will not get you pregnant. Penis-in-vagina sex without some form of birth control will likely get you pregnant. Technicallyunprotected anal sex can get you pregnant if any semen dribbles to girl vaginal entrance.

For all girls who think they may be pregnant: Please Read! (Page 3)

However, the chances of that get astronomically low that it's usually safe to consider that can. Semen cannot survive long outside the body, and needs to be maintained at a constant temperature. Unless fingerings have sperm from a man on your finger, when you insert it into your vagina, then no.