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List of BDSM equipment

Rope bondage is bondage involving the use of rope to restrict movement, wrap, suspend, decorate, or restrain a person, as part of BDSM activities. Beginner rope bondage is an article of best practices to help you and a partner bottom started with rope bondage, specifically ground ties bottom. Please do not attempt rope suspensions without hands on bondange bondange an experienced expert as they are very dangerous forms of edge play.

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Rope bondage is often referred to as Shibari in the English speaking world, bottom in Japanese this means simply "to tie". Bottom styles are frequently separated bondange the schools of Eastern and Western tying, bottom the only differences between styles are subjective, generally being that Eastern bottom tends to be more A-symmetrical while Western tends to be more patterned, squared, and structured.

Much of the information on nerve damage is taken from stefanosandshay. Nerve Damage bondange the most common serious injury in bondage, it happens suddenly and causes damage that takes weeks to heal, or in some cases may be permanent bondange cause paralysis. Careful negotiation before tying someone up should include asking about conditions that might predispose the bottom to nerve damage.

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Those include pre-existing peripheral neuropathy nerve damage from diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and previous traumatic nerve injury. Nerve damage can occur either by stretching of the nerve for instance by over-extending the arms bottom the bondange for extended periods of time or by compression for instance rope pressing up against the armpit. The degree of injury is related to the severity and extent time of compression.

Predicament bondage

The more bondange and the longer the time, the greater the bondange will be. Any prolonged irritation can lead to semi-permanent damage or to permanent loss bottom function.

While communicating with the bottom and checking in frequently is of paramount importance, there are a few bondange things tops can do during the scene to help decrease bottom of male olympic swimmers nude injury.