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Best bar in nyc to go alone

If you want a chill evening with a glass wine or a wild night out, there nyc so many places to choose from in the city.

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From cocktail bars to beer taverns, we have you covered. Apart from the fact that silica 6c for dogs anal glands bartenders here are all Irish and not sore on the eyes, this is best of the best pubs in Soho.

Catering to their neighbors, the wine selection is much better than your typical Irish pub. Polish off the night with one of their delicious Irish coffees and forget all your troubles.

Who knows who you might spot at the other end of the bar.

10 New York City Bars To Take Yourself Out Tonight

Have you ever felt like a wine bar could be your living room, but with wine? Well, this is that kind of place. Nestled in between a few larger, rowdier pubs, Somm Time serves as a break from the big 2nd ave crowds and TV screens with the friendliest and very knowledgeable bartenders. This is for the lady who leaves the house bar but has no intention of coming back alone.

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Fiddlesticks is a veritable hotbed of testosterone alone with cheesy chart music. Take a seat at the rowdy bar and indulge in one too many vodka sodas while ogling the talent across the way.